Implementing the Interactive Strategies Approach in a Response to Intervention Context

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Learn about the Interactive Strategies Approach (ISA)

What is the ISA?

The ISA is a comprehensive and responsive approach to early literacy instruction and intervention.

The ISA was developed over the course of three major longitudinal studies that focused on reducing the number of children who experienced serious reading difficulties in the primary grades. In the process of developing the approach we drew from research (our own and that of others) on early literacy development, the causes of literacy learning difficulties, observation and documentation of instruction in the primary grades, and approaches that were successful with children who experienced early literacy learning difficulties. We concluded that what teachers know and are able to do is an important determinant of children's early reading success. The focus of the ISA is on helping teachers to develop greater expertise related to the process of early literacy learning and development and to identify what children already understand about reading and writing processes so that they are able to plan and deliver instruction that will enable children to move forward.

Early Literacy Instruction and Intervention book

Early Literacy Instruction and Intervention, Third Edition

The third edition of the book that describes the ISA is now available - Early Literacy Instruction and Intervention in Grades K-2: The Interactive Strategies Approach (Guilford Press, 2024). The new edition reflects research findings that have emerged since the original ISA studies and the publication of the prior two editions of the book. The new edition places increased attention on whole-class instruction, teaching linguistically diverse students, writing development, and language-literacy connections.


Early Intervention for Reading Difficulties book

Early Intervention for Reading Difficulties, Second Edition

What's new in the Second Edition (with editorial reviews)


Early Intervention for Reading Difficulties, First Edition

Subtitled "The Interactive Strategies Approach", this book presents a research-supported framework for early literacy instruction that aligns with multi-tiered response-to-intervention (RTI) models.

About the First Edition

ISA Professional Development

Professional development based on the 2024 edition will be available beginning in the summer of 2024.

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